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Tuesday, 05 January 2010


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the untidy cook

What a jolly clever gut we all have.  

the untidy cook

Me too.  I get so carried away when I go into the grocers and see the healthy vistas of veg that I want to buy it all.  And then it goes squishy and horrid.  Im so much better when I make a list beforehand.


Re the soup thing - watched a documentary prog that looked quite sensible; they experimented. 2 sets of peeps eating the same meal calorifically wise and nutritionally wise. They liquidised one set of meals with the glass of water and the other set of meals were eaten au naturel. THey found that the liquidised meal sat in the stomach longer, so making the eater feel fuller for longer. Apparently this is because the stomach filters out water content first and because the food particles were smaller, it had a job doing that. Ta da!
Soup therefore, is, like, awasome. But only if it's smooth and uniform.


I need to do more things like fridge soup. I seem to chuck waaay too many veg

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